Rewilding My Life

The ultimate course for awakened women wanting to live their truth, unlearn social expectation, discover their innate rhythms & live an authentic life

Course Summary

You are the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life and you want that relationship to be a good one. So this mini course dives into how you can do that by creating an intentional life and is my gift to you.

A life without the negative self-talk, the inability to say no, and the endless people-pleasing, a life where you focus on how you want to feel, with healthy habits and boundaries to support that. A life in which your self-worth and confidence grows!

Course Curriculum


Award-winning psychotherapist, healer & author


Wisdom Weaver Member

Thank you Charlotte for taking me on this incredible journey of self discovery and self awareness. It showed me what I needed and how to achieve it.  It made me feel so empowered! 

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