Daughters of The Roses

The in-depth group therapy program to heal your mother wound and become the woman you were always meant to be

Daughters of The Roses is
for you if:

✔️ You want to learn the proven strategies to ditch the guilt, shame and blame you feel
✔️ You're ready for a life without criticism, control, competition from your mum (or parents)
✔️ You've been procrastinating about getting some help with your mother wound because you are not sure it's bad enough
✔️ You want to discover how I've been able to create amazing transformations for my clients that help them reach their healing goals and create the life they deserve

How Daughters of the Roses works

 👉🏼 Once you enrol into the program, you'll gain 12-months access to to our online healing resources, Facebook group and be invited to our next call
👉🏼 You'll get to explore our monthly theme, discussing any issues, thoughts and understandings It brings up in our 2 monthly cuppa & chat calls
👉🏼 You'll get access to monthly questions to ponder to help you create a personal, healing journaling practice
👉🏼 Our safe community group will give you a place to share, get support and get your questions answered
👉🏼 You'll be invited to a special group call once a month introducing you to this month's theme
👉🏼 If you choose the VIP upgrade option you'll also be invited to book your 24 bespoke psychotherapy sessions

Find emotional freedom, whilst regaining your self-worth?
Ohhhh yes please!!!

Once you've got the support, strategies and resources to truly heal, you'll feel the same emotional freedom I've been able to create and enjoy...

and lemme tell you, it feels soooo awesome!  

💫 I don't doubt myself allowing me to embrace success without guilt
💫 I've not only broken the cycle for my own children, I broke it for me too!
💫 Every day I feel worthy and enough
💫 I have built healthy friendships and relationships that nourish and nurture me  

And these things happened when I learnt that putting my wellbeing and mental health first wasn't selfish!

Say goodbye to negative self-talk & overwhelm

As a trusted, award-winning psychotherapist to hundreds of women in the online space, I hear a lot about the negative self-talk and overwhelm caused by having a difficult, emotionally absent mum. 

- You want a safe-space to process what you've been through, but have been unable to create this through your support network alone 

- You're ready to implement a proven strategies, yet when you've tried to do this alone, you seem to be procrastinating and avoiding the emotional work

- You don't want to waste any more time trying to figure it out, you want clarity and a clear path forwards... 

from someone with an impressive list of psychology and psychotherapy credentials and results 

Trust me, this program is so good it's won an award!

You'll get EVERYTHING you need to create your healing path

- What kind of attachment pattern you are, so you know how you naturally relate
- How to deal with difficult feelings and improve your mental health
- Steps to create change in your life, working from the inside out
- How to ditch the guilt, shame and blame you feel
- How to watch out for gaslighting and emotional manipulation
- What makes a good relationship healthy
- How to work with inter-generational trauma
- My calm and tone exercises to help you reset your nervous systen

I honestly don't know of another Award-Winning Mother Wound Healing Program that offers so much value for such a LOW INVESTMENT!!!

If you want to work quickly - it's up to you!



This personal roadmap will guide you through the online resources (healing library), it includes:

-30 minute 1:1 with Charlotte
-Your personalised 7-page PDF Healing Roadmap

Helping you to:

-Plan your own healing journey
-Work towards your healing goals
-Track your mental health

And it's PDF format alows you to refer to it again and again! 

Here's a Summary of Everything You Get

✔️ the Daughters of The Roses Program

Consisting of:
🎁 Cuppa and Chat calls [VALUE £1560]
🎁 Monthly group topic call [VALUE £780]
🎁 Lifetime access to our Community Support Group [VALUE £1500]
🎁 Calm and Tone your nervous system exercises [VALUE £997]
🎁 Monthly topic based journalin questions to ponder [VALUE £357]

🎁 Your personalised Healing Roadmap [VALUE £247]

VALUE = £5,441


You Literally Won't Believe It When You See Today's Offer!!

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

GET A £1200 SAVING!!!

With instant access to our online resources

- Your monthly Group Call and Cuppa & Chat Sessions

- Understanding, Skills, Strategy and Accountability to GET FAST RESULTS

- And don't forget our amazing, supportive community where you can ask questions, and get help if you are stuck


(with a 10% pay in full discount)

With our generous payment plan

Standard price £2497

Enrol in my Daughters of The Roses Program TODAY and start creating a life of emotional freedom and confidence - plus get LIFETIME ACCESS too!!


10 monthly payments of



1 payment of


If you are still not sure my Daughters of The Roses Program is for you, why not book a chat with me?